Breaking barriers and crossing borders

I have found out there is no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.

Mark Twain

Greetings readers! My apologies that my posts have been few and far between. I’ve been on a ridiculous work-a-thon to pay for all my planned adventures. I’m currently writing you from somewhere between Fraga and Zaragoza, Spain. I’m headed to Madrid with plans to see the city tomorrow before I begin my journey back to Miami.

It has been an interesting week of fantastic sightseeing, beautiful drives, great food, grand adventures, and getting to know a new travel partner. It isn’t like I picked a stranger off the street, I have known the guy for three years. But there is knowing someone and then there is traveling with someone. We’re talking about how someone responds to google maps freezing at the worst time, and when five animated Spaniards are yelling at you (in Spanish which neither of you speak) when your car is stuck between buildings in an alley getting to know each other. The how you act when you are hangry, or accidentally drunk, or when you both forget to pin the location of the parking garage getting to know each other. The how you respond when a monkey jumps on your back getting to know each other (true story, literal monkey on the back, not figurative). It’s the, and don’t ask me how in three years this barrier hasn’t been broken, we have never pooped or farted when the other is around getting to know each other. In the larger picture of a long standing not relationship, it has been a test of wills, stubbornness, patience, sanity, and most of all, humor. We’ve snapped at each other (a first for us), and been a little pissy here and there, but we have also laughed…a lot…even about the not so good moments (after a few hours of recovery time). Honestly, we haven’t killed each other yet, so I’m calling it a win.

I don’t pretend that I’m an easy person to travel with. I’m not saying I’m a high maintenance, demanding bitch. In fact, I’m quite the opposite! I’m laid back almost to a fault. When I’m traveling alone and shit goes poorly, I shrug my shoulders (maybe throw a mini tantrum) and move the hell on. I roll with whatever comes my way. This is much easier to do when you‘re alone and you don’t have to consider the feelings and sanity of the other person. It’s also different when the other person has really only seen you at your emotional best for years. I have discovered that said travel partner is much better than I at being quiet when angry. I’ve also dug deep and found a shut-the-fuck-up-and-don’t-be-reactive side to me that I didn’t know I had, and has been, might I add, very effective. It’s allowed us to get through the few super stressful moments of this trip without any huge blow ups, and has also provided a lot of laughs after the fact. Look at me, all being a grown up!!

I can’t wait to get home and get a few posts and a handful of pictures ready for your amusement. For now though, there are tapas to eat and sangria to drink for another day and a half!! Salud!!

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  1. I traveled with a friend of mine to Amsterdam years ago and I wanted to strangle her. Her batteries didn’t die ever. I have energy and can be zippy here and there but I also get tired and know when to chill. My friend didn’t have a chill mode. I hadn’t hung out with her in years so traveling with her for the first time to another country probably wasn’t the best idea but lesson learned I guess.


    1. That was a concern for me too, because I tend to be high gear all the time and I thought my energy might drive him crazy. But we managed to stay on pace when needed, and seemed to be ready for down time at the same time.


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