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Who I am

My name is Eryn. I live in Florida, and work as an emergency room nurse. I grew up in rural northern Michigan, and during my junior year of high school, I did what everyone thought I was crazy for doing, and went to Norway on an exchange year. That year abroad shaped me in more ways than I imagined possible, and instilled in me a need for travel, for experiencing other cultures, and for meeting people different from myself.

I took a long hiatus from significant travel when I had kids in my early twenties. My kids have now grown up and moved on to their own life adventures, which has left me the time to set out on more adventures of my own. I have fully embraced my independence as an empty nester, and have decided to leave the nest as often as possible to fulfill my ever present need for exploration and adventure.

How changeofnoplans started

I finished my masters degree, and as a graduation present to myself, went on a solo trip to Costa Rica. As I was driving around the country and hiking through national parks, I had plenty of alone time to think about the current status of my life, and about my future. While hiking at Arenal Volcano National Park, I had the fleeting thought of blogging.

I’m not sure why, but my numerous failures and foibles, my generalized ridiculousness, and my honesty about all of it, are entertaining to others. For years, friends and family have told me I should write a book. Anyone who knows me, however, knows that my attention span and commitment to things (or lack thereof) doesn’t allow for writing and publishing a book. And again the idea of blogging crept into my head, and suddenly seemed like a more achievable goal than writing a book…and less of a terrifying commitment.

On my third day in Costa Rica, I was driving from La Fortuna to my next destination of Bijagua, and I stopped in the town of Nuevo Arenal for gas and a bite to eat. I had been hiking all day in the rain, and driving for a while in even heavier rain. I was wet and hungry, and I just wasn’t feeling the drive to Bijagua anymore. I ordered a glass of sangria, and thought, “change of no plans, I’m staying in this town,” and suddenly it hit me. Change of no plans…it’s the way I live my life, it’s the way most of my life has went, it’s the way I like to vacation…and it’s the perfect name for my blog.

About changeofnoplans

The intention of the changeofnoplans blog is to discuss travel, in the way that I enjoy traveling. There will be an emphasis on being a solo female traveler, as that can present a host of unique challenges. As the name of the blog denotes, I am not big on planning, so travel tips on how to “wing it” will be plentiful.

This is my first attempt at blogging, and like my mind, I am sure it will be full of rabbit holes of ridiculousness that you must embrace your inner ADHD monster to follow. There are already a host of non-travel related topics swirling around in my overly active mind. Hang on, bear with me, throw your hands up in the air (because keeping your hands inside at all times is just too limiting), and enjoy the ride!

Published by Eryn

Travel enthusiast, hiking enthusiast, nature lover, coffee addict, travel nurse, ADHD squirrel, and inconsistent, lackluster blogger

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